2012 - Present     University Of Virginia (Charlottesville, Virginia)
                           PhD Candidate in Art and Architectural History
                           Dissertation Topic: Objects of Devotion: Representations of                                    Muslim Saints in Early Modern South Asian Painting
                           Committee: Dr. Daniel Ehnbom, Dr. Douglas Fordham, Dr.                                      Amanda Phillips, Dr. Shankar Nair
                           Major Field: South Asian; Minor Fields: Colonial and Chinese
                           Five-year Departmental Fellowship
2008 - 2010         Columbia University (New York, New York)
                           Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
                           Fulbright Fellowship    
2000 - 2004         National College of Arts (Lahore, Pakistan)
                           Bachelor of Fine Arts
                           Specialization: Miniature Painting Practice

International and National
2018                    Art History Doctoral Research Fellow, Freer-Sackler Galleries, 
                           Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

                           College Art Association Professional-Development Fellowship                             in Art History, Honorable Mention
2017 - 2018         CLIR-Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original
2016 - 2017         Theodore Rousseau Travel Fellowship for doctoral research in                             Europe, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Department of Islamic                               Art, New York, NY
                           CLIR-Mellon Fellowship for Dissertation Research in Original
                           Sources (declined)               
2016                    American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) Junior Research
2015 - 2016         American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Research
                           Fellowship (could not be completed due to declined research                             visa)
2008 - 2010         Fulbright Fellowship, Columbia University, MFA Program in                                 Visual Art, New York, NY
2003                    Fine Art Department Honors, National College of Arts, Lahore

University of Virginia
2017 - 2018         Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship (declined)
2012 - 2016         Five-year Departmental Fellowship, Graduate Program in Art
                           and Architectural History
2016                    Buckner W. Clay Award in the Humanities          
2015 - 2016         Mellon Graduate Seminar for Excellence in the Humanities 
2015                    Summer Research Travel Grant, McIntire Department of Art
2014                    Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) Summer
                           Research Award
2013                    Summer Research Travel Grant, McIntire Department of Art

Assistant Professor
2011                    National College of Arts (Lahore, Pakistan)
                           Fourth-year Thesis Advisor for Miniature Painting Department
2005 – 2006         College of Traditional Islamic Arts (Amman, Jordan)
                           Established the Miniature Painting Department and curriculum

2018                     University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art
                            The Art of Islam: 7th to 18th Centuries 
(forthcoming introductory level undergraduate course)
2016                     University of Virginia, Department of Middle Eastern and
                            South Asian Languages and Cultures
                            Art and Culture of Islam in South Asia
                            (intermediate level undergraduate course)
2010 – 2012          National College of Arts (Lahore, Pakistan)
                            Visiting Tutor, Juror, and Lecturer
                            (Masters Program in Fine Art)
2010 –  2011         Beaconhouse National University, School of Visual Art     
                            and Design (Lahore, Pakistan)
                            Basic Drawing and Introductory Design
(introductory and intermediate-level undergraduate courses)
2006 – 2008          Beaconhouse National University, School of Visual Art
                            and Design (Lahore, Pakistan)
                            Introduction to Miniature Painting
                            (intermediate level undergraduate seminar)
Teaching Assistant
2015                     Art and Money, University of Virginia, McIntire                                              Department of Art (three undergraduate sections)
2015                     Arts of the Buddhist World, University of Virginia,                                          McIntire Department of Art (three undergraduate sections)
2014                     Greek Art and Architecture, University of Virginia,                                        McIntire Department of Art (three undergraduate sections) 
2013                     Arts of India, University of Virginia, McIntire Department                              of Art (three undergraduate sections)
2010                     Basic Drawing, Columbia University, Department of Art                                  (one undergraduate section)         
2009                     Advanced Drawing, Columbia University, Department of                                Art (one undergraduate section)

2018                     Traditional Indian Painting Workshop
                            Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, VA
                            (one-day workshop introducing Indian painting techniques                                from the Punjab Hills)
2017                     An Introduction to Traditional Indian Painting
Freer-Sackler GalleriesSmithsonian Institution,
                             Washington, DC
                            (three-day intensive painting workshop hosted by the                                        Sackler Gallery ImaginAsia Studio)

2011                     Miniature Painting Workshop
                            Punjab University, Fine Art Department, Lahore, Pakistan
                            (one month workshop session)

Invited Lectures and Gallery Talks

2018                     Arts Seminar: The Sufi in the Garb of a Yogi: Articulations of                              Sanctity under Muslim Patronage in Early Modern Indian                                    Painting, Harvard University, Lakshmi Mittal South Asia                                  Institute, Cambridge, MA 

2017                     Gallery Talk: Traditional Indian Painting
  Freer Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
2017                     Gallery Talk: Portrait of a Sufi
                            Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
                            Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central                              Asia, and Later South Asia
2015                     Guest Lecture: Contemporary Art of India and Pakistan  
                            University of Virginia, Department of Middle Eastern and                                South Asian Languages and Cultures
                            Undergraduate course: Introduction to the Literature,                                        Culture and the Arts of the Indian Subcontinent
2015                     Guest Lecture: Art and Architecture of Mughal India
                            University of Virginia, Department of Middle Eastern and                                South Asian Languages and Cultures
                            Undergraduate course: Introduction to the Literature,                                        Culture and the Arts of the Indian Subcontinent 
2015                     Guest Lecture: The MFA Industry
                            University of Virginia, McIntire Department of Art
                            Undergraduate course: Art and Money
2015                     Guest Lecture: Painting From the Mughal to the Modern
                            University of Virginia, Corcoran Department of History
                            Undergraduate course: Modern India
2015                     Guest Lecture: Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Janan
                            Hast-o-Neest Institute of Traditional Studies and Arts,                              Lahore, Pakistan
2011                     Guest Lecture: Traditional Cosmology in Islamic Art
                            National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

2011                     Guest Lecture: Introduction to Indian Painting
                            Punjab University, Fine Art Department, Lahore, Pakistan

Artist Lectures

2017                     Artist Panel: Pakistani Artistic Tradition and Contemporary                                Expression, Irving Art Center, Dallas, TX

2011                     Artist Lecture: Materials and Practice in Contemporary                                      Miniature Painting
 City College, Department of Art History, New York, NY 
                            Undergraduate course: Art in South Asia 
2010                     Artist Lecture
                            Bahauddin Zakariya University, School of Art and                                        Design, Multan, Pakistan
2011                     Artist Lecture
National College of Arts, Masters Program in Art, Lahore,                              Pakistan
2008                     Artist Lecture
                            Columbia University, Department of Art, New York, NY
                            Undergraduate course: Painting I


2018                     Doctoral Research Fellowship
                            Freer-Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian Institution,                                      Washington, DC

2016 - 2017          Theodore Rousseau Research Fellowship
                            Metropolitan Museum of Art, Department of Islamic Art
                            New York, NY

2016                     Guest Curator
                            The Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan
                            Curated "Stories from the Punjab Hills," a permanent                                        installation of the Museum’s Pahari painting collection

2012 - 2015          Visiting Researcher                 
                            The Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan
                            Archived, documented and researched unpublished works                                  from the Museum's reserve collection

2016 - Present      The Historians of Islamic Art Association (HIAA)
2014 - Present      College Art Association (CAA)
2013 - Present      American Council of South Asian Art (ACSAA)

Urdu                    Native fluency in speaking, comprehension, reading, writing
Hindi                    Fluency in speaking, comprehension and reading

Farsi                    Intermediate level in reading, writing and speaking

Punjabi                Proficient in speaking, comprehension and reading
Arabic                  Proficient in reading and writing
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